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Leica DISTO S910 P2P Package

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  1. Measure fast and precise distances between any two points from one location with the laser distance meter Leica DISTO™ S910.

    Create easily as-built documentation, calculate roof dimensions, integrate data into BIM or CAD software for even 3D visualisations.

    This improved workflow saves valuable time and money - all this at ranges of up to 300m.

    Integrated Smart Base for P2P Technology

    Pointfinder with 4x zoom for easy targeting

    X-Range Power Technology for highest measurement performance360° tilt sensor

    DXF data capture

    Real-time data transfer with WLAN

    Bluetooth® Smart

    Free App - Leica DISTO™ sketch

    Measure from point to point with P2P Technology:- The integrated Smart Base enables you to measure distances (e.g. widths and tie distances) between any two points, angles and inclinations at the same time from one location. Thus, you’ll never have to reach for inaccessible areas again, enabling even the most complex measurement task to be quickly, accurately, and safely carried out.

    Capture measurement data in CAD format:- The Leica DISTO™ S910 can save all the measured points into a DXF file as a floor plan, wall layout or 3D point coordinates that can be downloaded to a PC via the USB interface. Shorten the workflow, save money and avoid mistakes: because it’s completely digitalised. Writing errors are a thing of the past.

    Real-time transfer of point data:- Transfer measurement data directly on site over the WLAN interface to a portable computer for further processing in your preferred software. Create a documentation or check a lay-out in real-time and transmit as many measurement points as you like - with or without pictures.

    300m range with X-Range Power Technology:- With the innovative X-Range Power Technology on board the Leica DISTO™ S910 represents the measuring technology of the future. It achieves ranges of up to 300m and guarantees the best measuring performance even to poorly reflecting objects.

    The stable tripod adaptor offers fine adjustment for convenient and accurate aiming.

    Minimised measuring deviation for indirect measurements.

    We also have laser distancemeters available for hire!
  2. Typical measuring accuracy: ±1mm

    Range: 0.05 up to 300m

    X-Range Power Technology

    Measuring units: m, ft, in

    Distance in m/Ø of the laser dot in mm: 10m/6mm, 50m/30mm, 100m/60mm

    Smart Base measuring range: 360° Horizontal, -40° to 80° Vertical

    Distance in m/Typical tolerance of the P2P function: 2m/2mm, 5m/5mm, 10m/10mm

    Levelling range: ±5°Pointfinder with 4x zoom

    Overview camera

    File format: jpg, dxf

    Memory for CAD files: 20 files, each with 30 points

    Free software for Windows

    Free App: iOS / Android

    Data interface*: Bluetooth® Smart, WLAN

    Measurements per set of batteries: up to 4000**

    Batteries: Li-ion rechargeable

    Charging time: 4h

    Protection class: IP54

    Dimensions: 164 x 61 x 32mm

    Weight with batteries: 290g


    Distance measurement

    Minimum / maximum measurement

    Subtraction / addition

    Area / volume measurement

    Painter function

    Tilt measurement

    Smart Horizontal Mode

    Sloped object measurement

    Height tracking

    Height profile measurements

    Pointfinder with 4x zoom

    Camera function

    Measure with the picture

    Personalized favourites

    Touch screen


    Point-to-Point measurements

    Smart angle measurement

    Smart area measurement

    DXF data capture

    WLAN data transmission

    Bluetooth® SMART

    * System requirements and other details can be found at

    ** Reduced in Bluetooth® or WLAN mode
  3. Leica DISTO™ S910 Laser Rangefinder, Leica Tripod Adaptor FTA 360S, GZM3 Target Plate, Leica TRI120 Tripod, Heavy Duty Waterproof Carry Case, Holster, Hand Loop and USB Charger incl. 4 Plugs.
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