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Tape Accessories

Tape Clamp Handle
£ 36.30
(42.67 €)
Clamp Handle for quick and positive gripping of a steel tape at any point and applying light or heavy tension.
Tape Pulling Handle
£ 3.27
(3.84 €)
Tape pull handle for use with steel bands and tension balances.
0-10kg Spring Tension Handle
£ 133.10
(156.46 €)
For determining the correct tension when using a steel measuring tape or band.
130mm Tape Hook Spike
£ 0.73
(0.86 €)
Spike into cracks and loop the tape end over for a secure hold.
Tape Thermometer
£ 9.68
(11.38 €)
Self adhesive thermometer for monitoring tape temperatures.
thermometer thermometers temperature environment monitor measure measuring fahrenheit celsius centigrade
Survey Arrows (set of 10)
£ 50.00
(58.78 €)
Hardened galvanised steel wire marking pins supplied in sets of 10 c/w a steel galvanised carry ring.