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Laser Optical Tachometer
£ 60.50
(71.26 €)
An optical tachometer for measuring speeds of rotating objects in RPM or for measuring surface speeds in metres per minute or feet per minute.
Standard Endoscope Kit
£ 650.00
(765.60 €)
A low cost, effective instrument to allow inspection and examination of normally inaccessible areas.
Telescopic Inspection Arm
£ 145.00
(170.79 €)
Extends to 1400mm and closes to 380mm for carrying.
Telescopic Arm c/w LED Light Pack
£ 230.00
(270.90 €)
Extends to 1400mm and closes to 380mm for carrying.
Mirror - 140mm Convex Glass
£ 50.00
(58.89 €)
140mm dia. convex glass mirror with a wide angle of view.
Mirror - 64mm Plain Glass
£ 40.00
(47.11 €)
64mm diameter plain glass mirror.
Comp-Mark Electronic Level
£ 495.00
(583.03 €)
Combines very robust design with new user-friendly features - intelligent flashing indicator, hold function and anti-drip protection.
Level-Mark 32 YSSC Level Outfit
£ 145.00
(170.79 €)
This has to be the best deal on a level outfit anywhere in the country! York Survey Supply Centre’s own level outfit designed for general building and site work.
20m Pipe Inspection System
£ 1,200.00
(1,413.41 €)
Features a 20 metre long fibreglass rod cable and a 23mm∅ heavy duty stainless steel camera head that has 12 adjustable white ultra bright LED lights with a scratch-proof sapphire glass camera lens.