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Leica DISTO™
The innovative hand-held laser distancemeter for fast and easy measurements!
Hand-held digital moisture meters designed for a range of moisture detection applications!
Fisco Tapes
High quality British-made measuring tapes for all applications!
This Week's Featured Products

Fisco Solatronic Inclinometer

Allows you to measure all angles to decimal point accuracy through 360° in three different modes: degrees, % slope and or pitch (inches rise/foot run).
£ 168.14 More information

Superior Orange Brace Bomber Jacket

Especially designed to meet the rigorous demands of the traffic management sector.
£ 35.00 More information

Laser Optical Tachometer

An optical tachometer for measuring speeds of rotating objects in RPM or for measuring surface speeds in metres per minute or feet per minute.
£ 60.50 More information