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Leica DISTO D5

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  1. The Leica DISTO™ D5 is particularly suitable for distance measurements in outdoor areas. Thanks to the digital Pointfinder, the high functionality, and the compatibility with the Leica DISTO™ Plan app, every measuring situation is solved quickly and efficiently. The results can be easily documented to support a target-oriented and error-free workflow.

    Interior and Exterior Use:- The built-in Pointfinder camera ensures that the target can be found in the crosshairs on the crystal clear display with IPS technology, even when the laser point is no longer visible.

    Precision Without Compromise:- The touchless triggering of the measurement by briefly interrupting the laser beam with the hand avoids moving the Leica DISTO™ and guarantees highly precise measurements, especially at small targets or long distances.

    Flexible Data Transfer:- In keyboard mode, the Lieca DISTO™ can be connected to a computer to send the measured values in the form of a keyboard entry to a predefined form in any program (e.g. Excel).

    High Flexibility:- Various measurement functions, such as Smart Horizontal Mode, for measuring over obstacles, height tracking, profile and angle measurements, ensure that any measurement task can be solved.

    Perfectly Documented:- With just a few clicks the measurement result can be sent via Bluetooth from the Leica DISTO™ to the DISTO™ Plan app, for creating and measuring floor plans and sketches.

    We also have laser distancemeters available for hire!
  2. Range: 0.05 up to 200m

    Accuracy: ±1.0mm

    Tilt sensor: 360° ±0.2°

    MU sensor for Smart Room

    Digital Pointfinder: 4-fold zoom

    Display: 2.4” size, 320x240 pxl, colour display with IPS technology

    Bluetooth 5

    Batteries: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

    Measurements per set of batteries: up to 5,000 measurements, up to 10hrs operation

    Protection: IP54

    Dimensions: 144 x 60 x 24mm

    Weight: 180g
  3. Leica DISTO™ D5 Laser Rangefinder, Hand Loop, Pouch and USB Cable
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