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Leica DISTO X6

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  1. The Leica DISTO™ X6, with its extremely robust housing, IP65 protection class, and scratch-resistant display glass is particularly suitable for rough construction site use. The perfect combination of digital Pointfinder, ergonomic operation with touchscreen and additional measuring button on the side, as well as high functionality, guarantees that every measuring task can be completed quickly and efficiently. The results can then be sent and further processed in the DISTO™ Plan app.

    Interior and Exterior Use:- The built-in Pointfinder camera ensures that the target can be found in the crosshairs on the crystal clear display with IPS technology, even when the laser point is no longer visible.

    Ideal for Tough Construction Sites:- The extremely robust Leica DISTO™ X6 has been drop tested at 2m and has IP65 rated protection from dust and water jets.

    Touchscreen:- The Leica DISTO™ X6 is equipped with a well-lit, 2.8 inch touchscreen, which means it is quick and easy to operate.

    Large Memory Capacity:- The extra-large memory allows multiple measurement reports to be  created on the Leica DISTO™ X6, simplifying documentation.

    Ready for 3D Measurements:- The Leica DISTO™ X6 can be extended with the Leica DST 360-X tripod adaptor to create a solid measuring station, which is used to collect 2D and 3D data that can be further processed in the DISTO™ Plan app or CAD software.

    We also have laser distancemeters available for hire!
  2. Range: 0.05 up to 250m

    Accuracy: ±1.0mm

    Tilt sensor: 360° ±0.2°

    MU sensor for Smart Room

    P2P range*: Hz 360°, V -64° to >90°

    P2P accuracy*: 5m ±5mm, 10m ±10mm

    Digital Pointfinder: 4-fold zoom

    Display: 2.8” size, 320x240 pxl, colour touch-display with IPS technology

    Bluetooth 5

    Transfer of 3D data via Bluetooth

    Batteries: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

    Measurements per set of batteries: up to 4,000 measurements, up to 10hrs operation

    Protection: IP65, 2m drop tested

    Dimensions: 155 x 68 x 25mm

    Weight: 230g

    *Requires Leica DST 360
  3. Leica DISTO™ X6 Laser Rangefinder, Hand Loop, Pouch and USB Cable
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