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Skywatch Wind

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  1. The Skywatch Wind measures wind speed, air temperature and wind-chill rapidly and accurately.

    Small enough to bring anywhere, insensitive to dust and shock with a user-replaceable propeller.

    Data Displayed:-

    Wind speed

    Maximum wind speed

    Lifetime maximum wind speed

    Air temperature

    Wind chill (perceived temperature)
  2. Dimensions: 41 x 109 x 17mm

    Weight: 30g

    High-contrast LCD display

    Waterproof (IP67) & floats


    Factory-installed lithium battery (designed for at least 250,000 measurements)

    Automatic switch-off


    Units of measurement: m/s, km/h, mph, knots, Beaufort (bar graph)

    Resolution: To the tenth decimal place up to 99.9, then to the unit

    Precision: 3% F.S.

    Measuring range: 3 to 185km/h

    Measurement cycle: One measurement/0.5s


    Units: C, F

    Resolution: To one tenth of a degree

    Measurement cycle: One measurement/0.5s

    Precision: 0.3C at 20C / 0.5C from -30 to +70C

    Measuring range: From -30 to +70C