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Skywatch Atmos Anemometer, Thermometer & Hygrometer

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  1. Anemometer-thermometer-hygrometer, specially designed for professional use, agriculture, environment, etc.

    Measurement units: km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots.

    Accuracy: 4% if horizontally.

    Measuring range: from 4 to 225 km/h.

    Temperature modes: current temperature and windchill factor.

    Temperature available in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

    Accuracy: 0.5C / 1F.1 measure every 16 seconds.

    Humidity functions: current humidity.

    Measurement units: % RH

    Accuracy: 3.5% RH (20 to 80% RH).

    Sold with a cap to protect the impeller.