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Manual Focus Thermal Image Camera

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  1. Brings single frame and video thermal imagery to your fingertips at an exceptional price.

    This model features a manual focus allowing the user to obtain super crisp thermal images in crowded thermal areas where auto focus cameras can have difficulty.

    The included software allows easy generation of reports, and full manipulation of the recorded images showing the user the plain image, thermal overlay and offers full control of thermal overlay after the image has been captured.

    25x Digital Zoom4mm tripod mounting bush
  2. Field of View: 17 x 17

    Spatial Resolution: 3.77mrad

    Sensitivity (NETD): < 0.08C / 80mK

    Image Frequency: 50hz

    IR Resolution: 80 x 80

    Display: 2.8 TFT LCD

    Display Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels

    Colour Palettes: IRON, Rainbow, Grey, Grey Inverted

    Storage: Internal Storage / MicroSX Max 8GB

    Storage Capacity: 80 Images, 1 Min Video (Internal) >1000 Images, 60 Mins Video (SD Card)

    Storage Format: MPEG-4 JPEG including measurement data

    Temperature Range: -20C to 150C, 0 to 350C (Selectable)

    Accuracy: 2C or 2% of reading

    Emissivity: 0.10 to 1.0 - user adjustable

    Spotmeter: Centre Spot

    Hot/Cold Detection: Automatic hot and cold spot markers

    Bluetooth: No

    USB Connection: Yes

    Battery: Rechargeable li-ion battery

    Battery Life: > 4hours operating time (typical)

    Power Management: Automatic Shutdown

    Dimensions: 224 x 77 x 96mm

    Weight: 500g