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Infrared Thermal Image Camera

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  1. A simple "point - shoot - detect" camera providing high quality thermal images.

    Allows immediate detection of hot and cold areas.

    Record radiometric heat maps up to 6000 images on the micro SD card.

    Ideal for detecting hidden problems, surveying buildings to find moisture and leaks, identifying energy losses and poor insulation, spotting electrical faults, etc.

    Image blending makes it easier to understand heat maps through the use of an aligned visual image and the heat map. The instrument captures a visual image with each heat map to exactly show the target area and more effectively share it with others.

    2.2" 48608 pixels colour LCD display with adjustable brightness.

    Selectable C or F.

    Fully automatic and focus free.

    Environment temperature compensation.

    Field of view: 38 x 38

    Centre spot crosshair.

    Adjustable emissivity.

    Emissivity table included.

    Hot spot and cold spot tracking.

    High and low alarm (enable and disable).

    Image blending with selectable distance of 0.5m, 1m, 2m or 3m.

    Selectable colour palette: Grey1, Grey2, IRONbow, Rainbow or hi contrast.

    SD card storage with USB connection saves up to 6000 images.

    Auto power off (user selectable).

    View or download radiometric heat map images of your findings.
  2. Range: -20C to 300C

    Resolution: 0.1C

    Accuracy: 2C or 2% of reading

    Power: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

    IR Resolution: 48608 pixels colour

    Dimensions: 125 x 58 x 205mm

    Weight: 494g
  3. Camera, Tripod, 3.7V Li Battery (rechargeable), Charger Adaptor, USB Cable, Micro SD Card & Adaptor and Carrying Case