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LED Light Meter

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  1. A professional LED light meter specifically calibrated relative spectral sensitivity wavelength of 550nm to the JIS standard C 1609-1993 measuring corrected LED day white light spectrum.

    With a user selectable light source it can also measure normal light sources.

    It has a wide measuring range up to 400,000 Lux, large LCD display and user-selectable measuring units.

    Ideal for environmental monitoring, health & safety checks, and industrial applications.

    Measures both lux and footcandles (FC), user selectable

    Range selection of 5 lux ranges and 4 FC ranges

    Manual or auto ranging

    Over range indication

    Silicon photo diode sensor and LED spectral response filter

    Fully cosine corrected

    User selectable light source

    Zero adjustment

    Sensor connected to the instrument by a fixed 1.5 metre (approx.) coiled cable

    Measuring rate of 1.5 times per second

    50mm LCD display with backlight, 40 segment bargraph and function indicators

    Data hold freezes measured values

    Min, max or average memory

    Auto power off after 5 mins (can be user disabled)

    Impact-resistant ABS case

    We also have lux meters available for hire!
  2. Range: 40/400/4,000/40,000/400,000 Lux; 40/400/4,000/40,000 FC

    Resolution: 0.1/1/10/100 Lux; 0.01/0.1/1/10 FC

    Accuracy: 3% of reading 10 digits

    Power: 4x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries

    Dimensions: 162 x 63 x 28mm

    Weight: 250g
  3. Lux Meter, Protective Lens Cap, Soft Carry Pouch and Battery
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