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Data Logging Light Meter

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  • Data logging light meter with USB interface, wide measuring range up to 400,000 Lux, large 56mm backlit LCD display. 
  • 41-segment analogue bargraph, memory and 16,000 readings data logger, relative mode and user-selectable measuring units. 
  • Ideal for environmental monitoring, health and safety checks, and industrial applications. 
  • Measures both Lux and Food Candles (FC), user selectable. 
  • Impact resistant ABS case with rubber grip. 
  • Silicon photo diode sensor and spectral response filter. 
  • Sensor connected to the instrument by an approx. 1m cable. 
  • Measuring rate of 1.5 times per second (sampling rate can be set bt the user for data logging). 
  • Easy to read - large backlit LCD display with 41 segment bar graph and functions indicators. 
  • Peak hold, data hold and max/min hold freezes values. 
  • Memory stores 99 readings which can be displayed on the instrument. 
  • Data logger records over 16,000 readings with sampling rates and time set up by the user. 
  • Over range indication. 
  • Auto power off after 15 minutes - can be user disabled. 
  • USB interface for download of readings to PC. 
  • Supplied with hard carry case, software and USB cable, protective lens cap and battery.
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