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2m Straight Edge with Blocks

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  • 2 metres in length and used to determine lateral surface regularity of a road or floor surface, etc. 
  • Lightweight straight edge equally supported at each end by 12.5mm blocks with an aluminium wedge (supplied separately) which gives a set height between the surface and the beam. 
  • Using the straight edge with raising blocks you can measure any vertical irregularity using an optional 2.5mm incremented wedge with a range of 12.5mm low to 12.5mm high. 
  • Can also be used on floor slabs and other areas where regularity of finish is important. 
  • Size 18 x 100 x 2000mm 
  • Optional metric graduated measuring wedges marked every 2.5mm available. 
  • Measuring range 12.5mm low to 12.5mm high.