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  • An adaptable monitor and reference point marker.
  • Comprises of a 12 x 40mm fixed base, permanently set into the wall or floor, to which a variety of removable markers can be attached.
  • Whilst the markers are removable, they do not disturb the fixed base, so the position is always permanent.
  • Once the base has been fixed the reference points can be attached and removed without affecting the base position.
  • Allows you to precisely monitor the position over a period of time without leaving expensive monitoring equipment.
  • The reference points can be removed and capped off with a stainless steel grub screw or a plastic cap to protect the threaded insert.
  • Data-disks will enhance your reference point.
  • Record your information directly on the disk with a Tough-Mark site pen.
  • Fixing: Drill a 12mm hole to a depth of 45mm, insert the base fixing and secure with the base fixing tool. Attach any one of the six reference points.
  • Ordering: When ordering for the first time you will require: Drill-bit, Base Fixing, Base Fixing Tool, Removable Marker, Marker Disk, Appropriate Size Allen Key and Marker Pen.
Stainless Steel Base Fixing (M10 x 40mm)
£ 4.24
(4.96 €)
A stainless steel base fixing so reference points can be attached and removed.
Steel Base Fixing (M10 x 40mm)
£ 0.97
(1.13 €)
Steel base fixing (the same as 09000) but will degrade in adverse weather conditions.
Lipped Steel Base Fixing (M10 x 40mm)
£ 1.82
(2.13 €)
This internally threaded lipped anchor provides an easy to install wall or floor fixing.
Stainless Steel Levelling Stud (16 x 10mm)
£ 1.09
(1.27 €)
Stainless steel levelling stud with square head.
Stainless Steel Dome Headed Stud (18 x 6mm)
£ 1.09
(1.27 €)
Stainless steel floor stud with domed head.
Precision Steel Ball Stud (16 x 23mm)
£ 4.50
(5.26 €)
16mm steel precision monitoring ball.
M10 to 5/8'' Stainless Steel Adaptor (16 x 10mm)
£ 7.26
(8.49 €)

5/8" x 10mm stainless steel accessory adaptor.

M10 to Leica Stainless Steel Adaptor (12 x 23mm)
£ 42.35
(49.50 €)

Leica style stainless steel adaptor.

Stainless Steel Monitoring Ball (22 x 77mm)
£ 60.50
(70.72 €)

22mm diameter stainless steel monitoring ball.