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TruPulse L2 Laser Rangefinder

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  1. The TruPulse L2 versatile handheld laser measures much more than just range. Measure slope distance and inclination angle and calculate horizontal distance, vertical distance, height and 2D vertical missing line values.

    The TruPulse L2 is more accurate and provides calculations not found on recreational rangefinders, giving you the ability to produce professional results.

    Compact, durable, waterproof, and designed for professional field users.

    Faster acquisition and greater accuracy means confidence, efficiency and safety.

    Physical, visual and audible feedback on target acquired.

    Advanced targeting modes (Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter).Easy to hold, lightweight, rubberized grips, button tactile feedback, and waterproof.

    Quick access menu and icon driven display.

    Intelligent brightness display: 100% automatic no need to adjust brightness manually.

    Reticle options.

    5 intuitive user interface and workflows

    We also have laser distancemeters available for hire!
  2. Distance accuracy to typical targets: Range +/ 0.5m

    Distance accuracy to weak targets: 1m

    Max range to reflective targets: 2,200m

    Max range to non reflective targets: 1,200m

    Min range: 5mInclination accuracy: 0.5 Relative

    Range display resolution: 0.1m

    Scope magnification: 5x magnification

    Display colour: Adaptive (Black/Red), Auto or Manual

    Battery: 1x CR2; 10hrs typical use

    Environmental IP rating: IP67: water & dust proof
  3. Laser Rangefinder, Hand Loop and Carrying Case