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60mm Magnetic Dial Thermometer
£ 14.00
(16.28 €)
This 60mm diameter stainless steel surface dial thermometer incorporates a magnetic sensing pad for mounting on ferrous metals and indicates temperature ranges 0 to 120C or 32 to 250F.
Magnetic Dial Thermometer
£ 104.00
(120.94 €)
Continuously indicates the surface temperature of steel and other magnetic materials.
200mm Wall Thermometer
£ 3.71
(4.31 €)

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

Min/Max Thermometer with LCD
£ 11.00
(12.79 €)

Classic design max/min thermometer that simultaneously displays the actual temperature whilst displaying the max and min temperatures on a digital LCD bar graph.

Min/Max Digital Thermometer
£ 12.72
(14.79 €)
Reads in C or F over the range of -49.9 to +69.9C.
Jumbo Dual Thermometer
£ 14.30
(16.63 €)
Offers simultaneous monitoring of two environments in C or F.
Pen-Type Thermometer with Alarm
£ 20.63
(23.99 €)

This low cost, easy-to-use Splash-Proof Thermometer with alarm and 145mm pointed tip penetration probe is ideal for liquid and semi-solid sampling.

Thermamite Thermometer
£ 50.00
(58.14 €)
Lightweight, hand held digital probe thermometer with a range of -30C to +300C.
Multi-Function Thermometer
£ 12.00
(13.95 €)
Compact and easy to use economical solution for temperature measurement applications.