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Survey Nail Selection Box

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  1. Allows you to sample our range of marking nails and washers.

    Also makes a handy universal kit allowing you to have the right type of marking nail to suit a variety of surfaces.

    The 100 piece kit comprises the full range of nails available with supporting washers.

    All in a compartmented box with a hinged lid.

    Club Hammer and Goggles supplied separately.

    The kit contains the following:-

    25mm MAG Nail x5

    32mm MAG Nail x5

    38mm MAG Nail x5

    50mm MAG Nail x10

    64mm MAG Nail x10

    27mm Hilti Type Nail x5

    35mm Hilti Type Nail x5

    50mm Survey Point x5

    75mm Survey Point x5

    100mm Survey Point x5

    25mm Washer for Helical Nail x5

    21mm Washer for MAG Nail x5

    30mm Washer for MAG Nail x25

    50mm Steel Washer x5