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SupaRule 190

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  1. Used by Utilities and Government Offices worldwide for the measurement of cable height. 

    By eliminating cable contact and the use of heavy fibreglass poles this is the safest method for cable height measurement.

    Will also measure to the top of lighting columns.

    Make sure that your lighting engineers are:

    - Working at safe distances from live cables.

    - Installing cables to the correct height.

    - Ensuring public safety by monitoring cable heights above roads and footpaths.

    All capable of measuring the lowest wire or cable.

    Pre-selectable start-up in metric or feet and inches.

    Air temperature constantly displayed (LCD).

    Final measurement includes instrument depth.

    9V battery for over 50000 measurements.

    Resolution: 1/8 Inch or 1mm.

    Error typically less than 0.1% 1 digit.

    Auto power-off time 3 minutes.

    Supplied with yellow leather case and strap.

    Can be mounted on a Monopod for speed.
  2. Range (25mm cable min): 1-15m (3-50ft)

    Range (12mm cable min): 1-15m (3-50ft)

    Range (5.5mm cable min): 1-12m (3-40ft)

    Range (2.5mm cable min): 1-10m (3-33ft)

    No. of wires measured: 1

    Accuracy: 0.5% 2 digits

    Resolution (range < 10m): 5mm

    Resolution (range > 10m): 10mm

    Minimum gap between wires: 150mm

    Operating temperature range: -10C to 40C

    Battery life (long life alkaline type): 50,000 measurements

    Measurement units: Imperial (feet/inches) or Metric (metres)

    Auto power off delay: 3 minutes

    Dimensions: 205mm x 100mm x 70mm

    Weight: 0.5kg
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