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Sliding Prism ''0'' Offset System

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  1. The sliding prism is ideal for construction layout or any survey job, that may need a small portable prism/pole system.

    A user can slide and quickly lock the prism at any height on the pole.

    The target system, when used properly, can eliminate pointing errors associated with zero offset prism systems.

    Pole sections are 30 cm long.

    Prism assembly with bottom pole section can be used on other male 5/8" x 11 accessories, like prism or tribrach adaptors. Simply slide the prism up or down until it reads correct for the pole reading.

    Prism system includes:

    - 1x Sliding prism assembly

    - 1x Bottom section with point

    - 3x Sections, 30-cm long

    - 1x Adaptor 1/4" x 20 to 5/8" x 11

    - 1x Extra point

    - 1x Allen wrench to adjust vial

    - 1x Prism cone adaptor

    - 1x System bag