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Skywatch Windoo 2 Anemo-Thermo-Hygrometer

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  1. Small and aesthetic, attached to your wrist with a strap or to your keychain, the Skywatch Windoo is the new accessory for your smartphone.

    Weather station for wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity measurements


    Temperature - wind chill factor

    Humidity - dew point
  2. Materials:

    Housing: Anodised aluminium

    Protective case: Carbon


    Units: km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots

    Resolution: 0.1 unit

    Accuracy: 2%

    Measuring range: 0 to 150km/h


    Units: C and F

    Resolution: 0.1 unit

    Accuracy: 0.3C

    Measuring range: -25C to +60C


    Units: %RH

    Resolution: 0.1 unit

    Accuracy: 4.5%RH

    Measuring range: 0 to 100%RH

    Phone not included

    Windoo device is only compatible with following smartphones:

    iOS Devices:

    iPhone 5S, 5C, 5

    iPhone 4s

    iPad Mini, 3, 2

    iPod Touch

    (iOS 6.0 or newer is required)

    Android Devices:

    Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S4 mini

    Nexus 4 (only available on Windoo 1)

    HTC One S

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    (Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or newer is required)
  3. Windoo device, Carbon protective case, Keyring and Wrist strap