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Seco Spray Can Holder with Pockets

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  • This improved spray can holster from Seco now comes with additional pockets which will hold a folding ruler pocket with Velcro safety strap, two large marker pens, other pens, pencils, etc. 
  • The paint can pocket now has a velco safety strip over the top to prevent the paint from falling out. 
  • You are still able to fit all our range of Invert-A-Cap and Spray-Mark paint into them safely. 
  • Constructed of heavy duty orange nylon Cordura with a nylon belt loop. 
  • Holds cans on hip for easy and convenient access. 
  • The can pocket opening is lined with a stiffener for easy in and out. 
  • The main body also features a heavy-duty, 2" wide belt loop.
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