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Seco Mini Prism Pin Pole Set

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  • The Seco Mini Prism Pin Pole System is a sectional pole that can be assembled in various configurations. 
  • It's lightweight and very portable. 
  • Prisms can be mounted on top, bottom or in between sections. 
  • The prism poles are powder-coated in fluorescent orange and white. 
  • Weight: 0.54kg (1.2lb) 
  • Outfit Includes:
  • One 25mm 0-30mm offset tilting prism and holder with built-in 30 minute circular vial. 
  • One five-cm-height point with replaceable hardened plumb bob point. 
  • Four 30cm sections, two white and two orange, with 13mm diameter 1/4" x 20 threads. 
  • Cordura carrying case.