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RS-232 Coating Thickness Meter

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  1. Measures the thickness of coatings on metallic substrates.

    Example coatings include paint, lacquer, plastic, rubber and epoxy.

    Measures coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates.

    Measures metric microns and imperial thou/mil.RS-232C data output for PC or laptop connection.

    External sensor with 1m flexible lead.

    Auto power off.

    Offset accuracy allows on-site use calibration to give more accurate readings.

    Will measure on maximum substrate diameters of: Concave - 1.5mm, Convex - 50mm

    User calibration using supplied calibration foils and base plate.
  2. Range: up to 1,250μm (microns)

    Resolution: 0.1μm (1 micron)

    Accuracy: 3% of reading

    Min. Measuring Area: 6mm

    Min. Base Thickness: 0.3mm

    Power: 4x AAA 1.5V alkaline battery

    Dimensions: 131 x 65 x 28mm

    Weight: 95g