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QL 320 HVV Rechargeable Multi Laser

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  1. The QL 320 HVV is the most multifunctional laser of its series.

    Equipped with a line marker function which produces a laser line of the best visibility.

    Optional remote control ensures an adjustment of the laser from the position of operation.

    Features the usual laser tasks of horizontal and vertical levelling and also a plumb beam for determining right angles.

    Line marker of best visibility with adjustable lengths.

    Speed of rotation adjustable in three steps.

    Manual inclination of X and Y axis.

    Change of line marker mode to rotation mode with position memory.

    Microprocessor controlled quick charging of the integrated NiCd batteries with overcharge protection without memory effect.

    Fully electronically self-levelling of the horizontal and vertical plane.

    The automatic tilt control avoids incorrect measurements.

    The laser beam is projected perpendicularly to the respective light plane in a 90 angle.

    All functions operate via remote control.

    Selectively with rechargeable or alkaline batteries.
  2. Distance range: 250m

    Diode: 635nm

    Laser class: 3R (IEC 60825-2001.11)

    Accuracy: 15 (7.5mm/100m)

    Self levelling: fully automatic 12%

    Threaded connector: 5/8

    Water protection: IP65

    Operating time: alkaline batteries: 60hrs, NiCd batteries: 20hrs

    Battery: alkaline batteries or integrated NiCd batteries

    Dimensions (LxWxH): 158 x 172 x 158mm

    Weight: 2kg

    Operation mode: rotation: 0/80/300/600rpm

    Line marker: 6/12/24/48
  3. Laser, Carry Case, Aluminium Staff and Aluminium Tripod
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