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Protimeter TimberMaster Plus

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  1. Protimeter TimberMaster is an advanced moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry. It is ideal for a range of quality control applications associated with moisture levels within all wood products.

    When precise wood moisture measurements are required, there is no substitute for the Protimeter TimberMaster.

    Simple hand-held design.

    Durable and rugged.

    Built in wood calibration scales - 150 wood species.

    Large LCD for ease of use in all conditions.

    Hammer electrode for sub-surface measurements (optional).

    Automatic temperature correction with temperature sensor (optional).

    Measure 150 Wood Species - The Protimeter TimberMaster features eight calibration scales, enabling the user to take accurate moisture measurements in 150 wood species from around the world.

    Simple Operation - Moisture measurements are commonly taken using the integral pin electrodes. The appropriate wood calibration scale can be selected to ensure the accurate measurements are taken.

    Temperature Compensation - If the timber being measured is significantly above or below 20C (70F) the Protimeter TimberMaster should be used in conjunction with the optional temperature probe. When the probe is connected to the instrument the measured moisture value is automatically corrected for the effect of temperature.

    Hammer Electrode - A slide-hammer electrode can be used with the Protimeter TimberMaster to measure sub-surface moisture levels (to a depth of 30mm/13/16) irrespective of surface moisture levels.

    All Protimeter instruments include a 24-month warranty.

    We also have moisture meters available for hire!
  2. Pin measurement range (% MC in wood)

    7.9 to 99% (readings over 30% are relative)

    Operating temperature range: 0C to 50C

    Humidity: 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing

    Power: 9V- Alkaline 550mAh, Battery low indication on LCD

    Dimensions: 19cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm

    Weight (without battery): 228g

    Maximum Needle Depth: For WME pins: 10mm

    Buzzer: Audible buzzer for key tone and measurement indication, user configurable

    Regulatory Compliance: CE, RoHS, ETL
  3. Protimeter TimberMaster, Pouch, Moisture Probe, Temperature Probe, Calibration Check Device and Wood Calibration Table
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