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Protimeter SurveyMaster

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  1. Dual-function moisture meter.

    Helps building professionals, such as contractors, surveyors, home builders and architects assess building moisture levels during new build and refurbishing activities.

    Excessive moisture in buildings can lead to decay and deterioration of components and decorative finishes.

    Identify the extent of moisture penetration.

    Diagnose the cause of the problem.

    Monitor change in the moisture level.

    This reliable moisture meter has two modes of operation - Search and Measure. These functions can help the user distinguish sub-surface from surface moisture, essential information when trying to establish the extent and cause of a dampness problem.

    Search mode is used to assess the moisture level beneath the surface of solid walls and floors independently of surface conditions. The nominal depth of the measurement is 19mm ("); this depends on the density and other characteristics of the material being measured. When held against the surface the instrument transmits a signal into the material. The relative moisture level is shown on the digital display and its moisture condition is shown on the accompanying scale of colour coded lights.

    Look for moisture behind wall and floor coverings, such as tile and vinyl.

    Assess, in relative terms, if the material is in a dry, borderline or damp condition.

    Map the extent of the problem numerically.

    Non-invasive pinless radio frequency finds moisture at depth where moisture is not always directly visible.

    This mode of measurement is not adversely affected by the presence of surface moisture.

    Applications: Shower pans, behind ceramic tiles, fine finishes, water stains, tile and vinyl floor coverings, joists around toilets, drywall, below grade floors and walls, plaster, masonry, concrete and concrete block.

    Measure mode is used to measure the moisture level at the surface and at incremental depth, when used with the auxiliary deep wall probes. Measure mode readings are precise and specific to the immediate area of contact of the electrodes. The actual moisture content of wood is shown on the digital display with the corresponding moisture condition shown on the accompanying scale of colour-coded lights. Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) values are shown for other non-conductive, porous building materials.

    Pin-type probes measure moisture in wood and other building materials.

    Deep wall probes establish the presence of moisture in wall cavity insulation, sub and surface structures.

    Applications: Wood and wood floors, drywall, concrete and concrete block, stucco, plaster, masonry and EIFS.

    Reference Mode: In both Measure and Search mode, Reference Mode can be used. Reference mode can be useful when trying to establish what materials are above or below a point of reference or dry standard.

    All Protimeter instruments include a 24-month warranty.

    We also have moisture meters available for hire!
  2. Range: 70 to 999 relative (non-invasive); 7.9% to 99% WME (pin measurement)

    Display 1: Digital LCD backlit

    Display 2: 60 LEDs green (dry), yellow (at risk) and red (wet)

    Depth of moisture: Non-invasive up to 19mm ("); Pin up to 12.7mm (")

    Case: Pouch with belt loop

    Power: 9V PP3 (supplied)

    Dimensions: 190 x 70 x 49mm

    Weight: 225g
  3. Protimeter SurveyMaster, 127mm (5") Deep Wall Probes, Moisture Probe, Calcheck, 2 Spare Pins and Pouch