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Protimeter MMS3

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  1. The Protimeter MMS3 represents the latest in moisture measurement technology.

    Its ergonomic 4-in-1 design allows for fast and accurate full building diagnostics both on and below the surface, from new building construction to refurbishing projects in existing buildings.

    With built-in hygrometric capabilities and an infrared (IR) laser thermometer, the MMS3 also assesses indoor air quality.

    Pin moisture measurement with built-in calibration check.

    Improved non-invasive moisture measurement with sensitivity mode feature and simple field calibration.

    Non-contact surface temperature measurement with Infrared (IR) laser pointer.

    Fast Response.

    Manual and automatic data logging up to 10,000 records.

    File viewer mode to view logged data.

    Data reporting and processing through Protimeter PC software.

    Live data stream over Bluetooth, data log into file or embedded into an image in Protimeter app.

    Web interface to view the logged data.

    Easy-to-use interface with colour display and multi-language capability.

    Firmware upgradable.

    All Protimeter instruments include a 24-month warranty.

    We also have moisture meters available for hire!
  2. Gross weight: Meter with battery: 309g

    Regulatory compliance: CE RoHS ETL UKCA

    Plug-in surface temperature probe: Range: 0C to 70C; Accuracy: 0.7C @ 25C

    Display: 2.4" TFT Colour LCD, 320x240, Backlight with adjustable brightness, Outdoor Mode

    Batteries (included): 2x AA Alkaline Batteries

    Moisture measurement range: Pin (%WME) 6% to 100%, readings over 30% are relative. Non-Invasive (RF): 60 to 999

    Relative, up to 19mm deep in standard mode and up to 12cm deep in sensitivity mode (varies with material under test.)

    IR surface temperature probe: Laser Pointer: 12:1 (D:S) Ratio; Range: -20C to 80C; Accuracy: 2C

    Hygrostick data (nominal): 30% to 40%RH (3%RH) @ 20C, 41% to 98%RH (2%RH) @ 20C, Range 0C to 50C (0.3C)

    Quikstick data (nominal): 0% to 10%RH, 3%RH @ 20C, 10% to 90%RH, 2%RH @ 20C, Range: 0C to 50C (0.3C), Nominal response: 30% to 90%

    Data storage: Manual and Automatic Logging: Store up to 10,000 results in the device with date and timestamp from all instrument functions. Store results of interest in cloud from live data on the Protimeter app into a file or embed into an image to be accessed through phone/tablet and/or web interface.
  3. Protimeter MMS3, Quikstick, HD MC Probe and Pouch