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Protimeter Aquant

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  1. A non-invasive, rapid test moisture meter for a wide range of building and construction materials.

    Measures up to 19mm (") below the surface.

    Adjustable auto-off.

    Audible tone.

    Backlit LCD display.GE3 colour arc LED display.

    Detects moisture directly in materials and below wall and floor coverings such as tile, wood or vinyl.

    Not adversely affected by surface moisture such as condensation.

    Dual display LCD and LED for easy reading.

    Colour changing LEDs to show moisture condition green (dry), yellow (at risk) and red (wet).

    All Protimeter instruments include a 24-month warranty.
  2. Dimensions: 175 x 48 x 50mm

    Display 1: Digital LCD

    Display 2: 60 LEDs - green (dry), yellow (at risk) and red (wet)

    Measurement range: Non-invasive (RF) 70 to 999 (relative)

    Depth of moisture: up to 19mm (")

    Case: Pouch with belt loop

    Power: 9v PP3 battery (supplied)

    Weight: 100g
  3. Protimeter Aquant, Pouch and 9V Battery