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Professional Infrared Thermometer

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  1. Features an 8GB microSD memory card to capture images (JPEG) or video (3GP) for USB download to a PC or Laptop.

    Both can then be attached to emails for reporting etc. This facilitates absolute records for measured values and the measured object with date & time, ambient temperature, %RH and dew point overlaid on the image of the measured object.

    Scanned results (video) also include Min/Max, Differential & Average infrared temperatures since starting the scan.

    The dual laser makes easy identification of the centre point of the measured surface.-50 to 1,000C x 0.1

    Measures C or F

    Just point, pull the trigger and read the display

    Dual laser pointers converge to a single spot when the unit is at the optimal distance from the object being measured

    Distance to spot size ratio is 50 to 1 at the focal point

    Adjustable emissivity at 0.10 to 1.0Response time less than 300 milliseconds

    Automatic Data Hold when trigger released

    Trigger Lock for continuous measurements

    Min/Max, Differential and Average for scan results

    Programmable High/Low Alarm

    Traditional K-Type thermocouple input

    Auto Power Off

    Standard 4mm camera bush for tripod mounting
  2. Infrared -

    Range: -50C to +1000C

    Resolution: 0.1

    Accuracy: 1%, 1C

    Ambient -

    Range: 0C to +50C

    Resolution: 0.1C

    Accuracy: 0.5C

    Humidity -

    Range: 0% to 100%RH

    Resolution: 0.1%RH

    Accuracy: 2.5%RH

    Dew Point -

    Range: 0C to +50C

    Resolution: 0.1C

    Accuracy: 0.5C

    Wet Bulb -

    Range: 0C to +50C

    Resolution: 0.1C

    Accuracy: 0.5C

    Power: 1x 3.7V Lithium Battery

    Dimensions: 125 x 58 x 205mm

    Weight: 494g
  3. Thermometer, K-Type Temperature Probe, USB Connection Cable, Carry Case and Battery