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PLS360E with Receiver

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  1. The accurate and rugged PLS 360E self levelling laser level provides you with a 360 line of reference.

    The PLS 360E offers one-button set up for indoor applications.

    Perfect for: General and Interior, Contractors, Builders, Project and Building Managers, Electrical and HVAC Contractors, Engineers, Plumbers, Painters, Designers and Handyman Services.

    5 Optic Windows: 360 laser line.

    LED Indicator: On/Off, Tilt, Battery Low.

    Weather Resistant: Splash and Dust resistant (IP54; IEC529).

    Tripod Mount: 1/4 x 20 threaded mount in base.

    Wall Bracket: Includes wall mounting bracket.

    Carrying Case: Hard plastic case holds all accessories.
  2. Working range: up to 30.5m

    Accuracy: 3mm @ 30m

    Levelling range:8

    Wavelength: 635nm

    Power output: <1mW

    Laser class: Class II

    Batteries: 3x D cell

    Battery life: 35 hours

    Operating temperature: -18 to +49C

    Dimensions: 117.5 x 127 x 95.25mm

    Weight: 0.9kg
  3. Laser, Detector with Clamp, Wall Bracket and Hard Case