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Plan Wheel Scale-Link USB 3.0 Kit

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  1. The perfect tool for taking scaled measurements from plans and maps.

    Select one of the 111 built-in scale factors (or one of your own) and roll the Plan Wheel the measurement is instantly displayed.

    Can also calculate a scale from a known distance.

    User-friendly display: Shows length count and scale factors simultaneously.

    Audible tone indicates wheel motion.

    Uses 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (supplied).

    Measures in: centimetres, metres, kilometres, feet, yards, miles and inches.

    Accuracy: 0.25%.

    Resolution: 1.00mm (0.04").

    Scale-Link USB 3.0 Kit

    All the attributes of the Plan Wheel but with a computer interface allowing you to transfer data to a PC for easy manipulation and storage.

    Complete with: Plan Wheel Scale-Link 3.0 Software manual 2.5m USB cable and a protective case.