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Nestle Carbon GEO Delta Tripod

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  1. As a material for prism and antenna poles carbon is already very popular.

    Lightweight and a thermal expansion coefficient better than aluminium, wood or even invar makes carbon an ideal choice as material for tripods.

    The carbon tripod GEO Delta model is equipped with a triangular head plate.

    The Nestle carbon tripod series GEO are particularly suitable for precision measurements with scanners and total stations for indoor and outdoor use.

    The low weight reduces transport costs, e.g. while travelling in aeroplanes, and makes changing the station point very comfortable.
  2. Working range: 93 - 169cm

    Transport height: 108cm

    Thread connection: 5/8

    Clamping: Screw lock

    Standard: DIN 18726 for instruments up to 10kg

    Weight: 3.7kg