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Motorola XT420 Radio

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  1. The XT420 on-site two-way business radio helps you communicate instantly, without missing a beat.

    With crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability, the XT420 delivers great performance even with hard use in high noise, harsh conditions.

    Operates without subscription or call charges on PMR446 unlicensed frequencies, offering 8 channels and 219 user selectable privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal.

    Enhanced audio quality, a rugged design, and versatile HTML-based customer programming software, make this radio an exceptional choice for all your on-site business needs.

    Advanced features such as channel announcement keep your hands free, so you can focus on the task at hand.

    Whether you’re coordinating resources at the construction site or on the manufacturing line, the XT420 two-way radio is tested to last.

    Rugged design meets military specifications for sealing against dust, wind, shock, vibration and other adverse conditions.

    These radios also undergo Motorola’s exclusive Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) that simulates up to 5 years of field use.

    Leave your radio on your belt and know exactly what channel you are communicating on. Customise your list of channels by selecting from 16 pre-recorded work functions, such as security, customer service, cashier, etc.

    Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) enables hands-free operation with or without the use of optional accessories.

    In the Box: Radio, Battery, Charger, Power Supply and Belt Clip