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ML-10 Rotating Laser

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    The ML-10 rotating laser is a fully automatic self-levelling laser with a simple one button setup.

    The ML 10 is built to be strong and robust, with the rotor head sealed in a glass housing, making the laser 100% watertight and dust-proof.

    During work, the automatic self-levelling keeps the beam horizontal, even as the laser is exposed to knocks and vibration. The large LCD display provides battery condition information.

    The large self-levelling range is complemented by a Level Alert, which the operator can select. Level Alerts the operator if the unit is distributed during normal operations.

    The unit is suitable for general site levelling on houses, industrial units and extensions.

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    We also have rotating lasers available for hire!
  2. Has a rotation speed of 600rpm

    Accuracy is 1mm/20m with a levelling range of 5

    It is a class 3A laser

    A 1-hour fast charger is included with each unit. Changing the battery is easy and doesn't require the use of tools. A full charge takes about an hour and gives a working time of approx. 20 hours.

    Dimensions: 195 x 110 x 180

    Weight: 1800g