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Mini Sound Level Meter

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  1. Colour LCD display with backlight.

    Enable/disable auto power off.

    Fast/slow time weighting.

    Temperature measurement in C/F.

    Over range indication.

    Low battery indication.


    We also have noise meters available for hire!
  2. Measuring range: 35 to 135dB

    Accuracy: 2dB

    Frequency range: 31.5Hz to 8kHz

    Frequency weighting: dBA

    Dynamic range: 50dB

    Time weighting: Fast 125ms; Slow 1s

    Temperature range: -20C to 70C / -4F to 158F

    Temperature accuracy: 1.5C / 2.7F

    Temperature resolution: 0.1

    Microphone: inch electrets condenser microphone

    High/low reading indication: LCD displays Hi (>100dB), LCD displays LO (<100dB)

    Operating conditions: -20C to 60C, 10%RH to 90%RH

    Storage conditions: -20C to 60C, 10%RH to 75%RH

    Power supply: 3x 1.5V AAA batteries

    Battery life: 60hrs