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Measure-Mark Precision Rail Wheel - Metric

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  • Precision measuring wheels for exact measurements.
  • Quality easy-to-read counter mounted directly above the wheel.
  • The counter also works decremental, making subtractions possible if you overshoot.
  • Zero-set lever attached to the counter for quick resets.
  • The solid stand splits into two separate legs to straddle the rail whilst notetaking.
  • Integrated brake prevents unintentional changes of the measuring result.
  • Foldable handle for space-saving transport.
  • Solid, full wheel made of die-cast aluminium keeps the measurer firmly on the track.
  • The rubber is ground to exactly 318.5mm diameter (1m circumference). As a certificate of quality, a sticker on the wheel indicates the deviation from the correct performance - a Nestle exclusive feature!
  • The wheel’s framework is robot-welded and guarantees lasting quality and durability.
  • Versatile - detachable support rollers keep the wheel safely on track or can be removed to transform the wheel into a standard road measurer.
  • Kit includes Rail Track Adaptors and carrying bag!