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Level-Mark DT-2 Theodolite

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  1. Reliable and accurate angle measurement is easy with the DT-2 electronic theodolite. It benefits from simple operating functions and a large, clear display.

    Accurate to 2 sec of arc.

    Reads to 1 sec of arc.

    Erect image.

    Stadia hairs for distance measuring.

    Built in optical plummet.

    Dual backlit displays.

    Horizontal and vertical tangent drives.

    Zero set and hold function.

    Percent or degrees on vertical circle.

    Rechargeable batteries.RS-232C port allows data to be transferred by cable.

    We also have theodolites available for hire!
  2. Telescope

    Length of telescope: 157mm

    Image: Erect

    Objective lens aperture: 45mm

    Magnification: 30x

    Field of view: 130

    Resolving power: 3.5

    Shortest sighting distance: 1.4m

    Stadia ratio: 100

    Stadia constant: 0

    Angle Measurement

    Method: Incremental reading

    Detecting: Horizontal

    Minimum reading: 1

    Accuracy: 2

    Diameter of circle: 79mm


    Tilt sensor: Single

    Range: 3

    Accuracy: 3

    Optical Plummet

    Image: Erect

    Magnification: 3x

    Focus range: 0.5 --- ∞

    Field of view: 5

    Output Interface

    Output standard: RS232C

    Data output interface

    Level Sensitivity

    Sensitivity of long vial: 30/2mm

    Sensitivity of bubble: 8/2mm


    Battery: Rechargeable / Battery

    Working time: About 14 hours


    Operating temperature: -20 to +50C

    Instrument dimensions: 165 x 155 x 320mm

    Instrument weight: 4.5kg
  3. Theodolite and Protective Case