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Level-Mark 32 YSSC Automatic Level

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  1. York Survey Supply Centre’s own automatic level designed for general building and site work.32x magnification.

    Stadia hairs for distance measuring.360° circle on base.

    Double sided endless fine drive for targeting.

    Pentaprism for easy viewing of circular level.

    We also have automatic levels available for hire!
  2. Image: Erect

    Magnification: 32x

    Objective aperture: 38mm

    Shortest focussing distance: 1m

    Field of view: 1° 20’

    Stadia ratio: 100

    Additive constant: 0

    Accuracy: ±0.3”/min

    Range: ±15”

    Level vial sensitivity: 8”/2mm

    Horizontal circle graduation: 1°

    Accuracy per 1km double run levelling: 1.5mm
  3. Automatic Level and Protective Case
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