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Leica NA730+ Automatic Level Outfit

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  1. The Leica NA700 levels defy the toughest of building site environments.

    Save time and money with no need for regular checks in the workshop or constant readjustment.

    When it comes to extreme robustness and optimum measuring accuracy, the Leica NA700 levels are hard to beat with:

    Simple operation

    No conversion from degrees to gon

    Convenient pointing

    Comfortable read-out

    Constant clear view

    Outstanding contrast


    IP 57 Standard - water-tight and dust-tight

    Highest reliability and accuracy at tough jobsites - Heavy rain, dusty environment and vibrations from heavy construction machinery do not stop you to work with the NA700 levels. They are especially designed for tough jobsites and feature IP 57 protection, meaning they are dust protected and watertight. Even after being submerged into water, you can continue with your levelling tasks, getting the same reliable and accurate results.

    Minimal downtime - No matter if it is early in the morning or late in the evening, with the NA700 levels you can measure at any time, even in unfavourable light conditions. The high luminosity always gives you an outstanding contrast and a sharp, upright image for an ergonomic look and a comfortable read-out. The nitrogen filled telescope prevents the lens from fogging up so that you always have a clear view.

    Low cost of ownership - Reduce your cost of ownership to a minimum. Due to the most stable and reliable compensator in the market, the NA700 levels need less re-adjustments or checks in the workshop. Even on construction sites with vibrations from heavy construction machinery you can rely on accurate levelling results.

    The right level  for every application - Do you want to measure distances, as-sign datum lines, define height differences or read heights? Depending on the application and the required level of accuracy, the NA700 Series has the right level for your day-to-day tasks.

    NA730+ - The all-rounder. 30x telescopic magnification precision compensator. For building or engineering surveys.
  2. Accuracy: -

    Per km double run: 0.7mm

    Single measurement (target distance: 30m): 0.4mm

    Compensator: -

    Setting accuracy: <0.3"

    Working range: 15'

    Environmental: -

    Impact standard: ISO 9022-33-5

    Resistance to water and dust ingress: IP57

    Temperature Range: -

    Operation: -20 to +50C

    Storage: -40 to +70C

    Dimensions & Weight: -

    Dimensions: 210 x 120 x 120mm

    Weight: 1.7kg