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Leica LINO L4P1 Multiline Laser

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  1. Versatile Multiline Laser with 180° vertical and horizontal laser lines and 5 layout points.

    The 360° rotation base with its precise fine adjustment supports quick layouts of whole rooms.

    The unique Li-Ion Power concept offers a 24hour battery life on a single charge. This saves costs as there is no need to constantly replace alkaline batteries.

    An especially useful feature is that the Li-Ion batteries are interchangeable with standard alkaline batteries.

    The LINO L4P1 can be used with a receiver to increase range.

    If registered, Leica offers a 3-year warranty at no additional charge.

    Applications (levelling, aligning and plumbing): Dry wall layout, adjusting cable trays and pipes, levelling suspended ceilings, levelling and aligning doors and windows, transferring points from floor to ceiling, transferring heights, installing partition walls, adjusting kitchen installations…
  2. Range: up to 15m*

    Range with detector: up to 80m

    Levelling accuracy @ 5m: ±1mm

    Self-levelling range: ±3°

    Laser type: 635nm, laser class II

    Battery type: Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and alkaline batteries 4x AA, 1.5V

    Battery life (Li-Ion batteries): 24hr

    Protection class: IP54

    Weight with batteries: 1173g

    Tripod thread: 1/4”, 5/8”

    *Depending on lighting conditions
  3. Leica LINO L4P1 Multiline Laser, Target Plate, Li-Ion Battery, Charger & Plugs, Alkaline Battery Tray and Carry Case