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TruPulse L2 Laser Rangefinder
£ 700.00
(818.39 €)
Measure range, slope distance and inclination angle and calculate horizontal distance, vertical distance, height and 2D vertical missing line values.
TruPulse 200X Laser Rangefinder
£ 2,250.00
(2,630.54 €)
The TruPulse 200X model measures distances and heights, achieving the highest distance and inclination accuracy.
TruPulse Hard Case
£ 110.00
(128.60 €)
Sturdy carry case for TruPulse laser rangefinders.
TruPulse L2 Foliage Filter
£ 80.00
(93.53 €)
Lens filter to be used in conjunction Filter Mode to only detect measurements returned from a reflector. 
TruPulse L2 Mounting Bracket
£ 95.00
(111.07 €)
Used with the TruPulse Yoke "L Bracket to mount the TruPulse 200L to a tripod or staff.
TruPulse L2 Carrying Case
£ 30.00
(35.07 €)
A replacement protective carrying case for the TruPulse L2.
Trupulse L2 Lanyard
£ 22.50
(26.31 €)
A replacement hand loop for the TruPulse L2.