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Kenwood ProTalk TK-3501 Radio

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  • The brand new hand-portable to replace the popular TK-3301. 
  • With newly-enhanced features it is ideal for professionals requiring a user-friendly licence-free radio communications solution.
  • It benefits from an extended range of up to 9km* due to a precision tuned RX section and an optimised antenna for wider coverage, and delivers 1.5W audio output thanks to a large speaker and powerful BTL amplifier.
  • The TK-3501 can be programmed by the user with no need for additional software - they can change the channel frequency, QT tone or DQT code with ease.
  • Other features include a single priority scan to find available channels, built-in VOX (hands-free), and 10 calling alert tones amongst others.
  • Specifications
  • PMR446 licence-free
  • Successor to the TK-3301
  • IP54 dust and water resistant
  • Military standard 810 C, D, E, F & G
  • Single priority scan
  • Adjustable Microphone gain (by FPU)
  • 'All reset' function
  • Compact
  • Audio volume with 1.5W BTL amplifier
  • User programmable
  • Extended range - 9km*
  • Complies with ETSI standards
  • Frequency range 446 - 446.1 MHz
  • 1130 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery life (battery save on): 20 hours
  • Battery life (battery save off): 14 hours
  • Operating temperature: -20C to +60C
  • Frequency: PMR446 (license-free) 
  • Channels - Sub-channels - Codes: 16 channels 
  • Maximum Range (km) in optimal conditions: 9km 
  • Vox hands free function (no headset)
  • Scan function
  • Water resistant
  • Dust resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Weight (g): 210g 
  • Size (mm): 54 x 117 x 25.5mm 
  • Keypad lock
  • Ringtones: 10 call alert tones 
  • Sold singly
  • In the box: Radio, Belt-clip, Charger, Li-Ion battery
  • *The range of a PMR446 radio varies a lot depending on where you use it. The maximum range given by manufacturers is based on ideal conditions, such as from hilltop to hilltop, but the range you actually get will be much less if you are in a built-up area. Trees, walls, hills and even the weather can affect the range of your radio.