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Humidity and Temperature Datalogger

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  1. Compact and easy to use dual channel datalogger for efficient monitoring and data collection of temperature and humidity values.

    Ideal for monitoring food, medical product storage, warehousing and distribution, containers, industrial processes, laboratory environments, museums and libraries.

    -40 to 70C x 0.1, 0% to 100%RH x 0.1%

    Measures C or F

    USB interface for set-up and data transfer to PC or laptop.

    Set-up allows user to select logging rate, unit of measurement, recording settings, alarm limits and to enable and disable LEDs.

    User selectable logging intervals - min. 1 second, max. 24 hours.

    Logs up to 16,350 temperature and 16,350 humidity readings.

    Green LED for logging confirmation.2 programmable alarm thresholds (High/Low).Red LED if alarm limits are exceeded.

    Large 29mm LCD display for time and date (changes between the date and time every 10 seconds) and current readings.

    Min/Max values and logger full indicator.

    Low battery indication.

    Impact resistant ABS and rubber moulded case, wall holder and padlock.

    Analysis software with graphical display of data - total readings, zoom facility to individual readings, visual indication of alarm levels, summary of data logging settings and readings and data list of results.

    Readings downloaded can be exported to a microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Temperature range: -40 to +70C

    Temperature resolution: 0.1C

    Temperature accuracy: 1C (-40 to +40C); 2C (+40 to +70C)

    Humidity range: 0 to 100%RH

    Humidity resolution: 0.1%RH

    Humidity accuracy: 5%RH (0 to 35% & 80 to 100%); 3%RH (35 to 80%)

    Max readings: 16,350 on each channel (Temp & RH)

    Power: 3.6V AA lithium battery

    Dimensions: 92 x 47 x 30mm

    Weight: 86g
  3. Humidity & Temperature Datalogger, Wall Holder, Padlock, Software, USB Cable and Battery