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Heavy Duty Aluminium Tripod

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  1. Specially designed for use with levels, light rotating lasers and theodolites.

    The circular head plate is ideal for use with theodolites, when the instrument has to be positioned perpendicular over a certain point.

    Quick locking with ergonomically designed excentric clamping levers for easy handling - even with gloves on.
  2. High quality aluminium tubes and profiles.

    The anodized aluminium parts are weather-proof for toughest use.

    The tubes slide without jamming, preventing the material from wearing.

    Tripod head made of metal.

    The central locking screw is movable.

    Plastic components are all robust polymer-fibreglass.

    Solid tips.

    Working range: 90 - 170cm

    Transport length: 106cm

    Weight: 4.8kg