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Heavy Duty Aluminium Elevating Tripod - 162-365cm

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  • Guaranteed stability for lasers at large heights. 
  • Rugged aluminium construction with central strut section. 
  • The crank is easy to operate, even with the heaviest laser devices. 
  • Detachable 140mm diameter top plate. 
  • Replaceable tips made of solid steel. 
  • Including one set of tips with rubber caps to protect damageable surfaces and one set for exterior applications. 
  • The circular vial set beside the central column allows for quick setting up. 
  • The clamping buttons are placed in the side of the legs and therefore protected from transport damages. 
  • Ideal balance of weight: The tripod - while being light enough to be operated by one person - is also solid and heavy enough to withstand wind and stormy weather conditions on the jobsite. 
  • Working range: 162 - 365cm 
  • Transport length: 177cm 
  • Base circle: 220cm 
  • Weight: 17kg