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Grade Lasers

Leica RUGBY 680 Laser & RE160 Receiver
£ 1,050.00
(1,208.39 €)
A great general construction laser with digital grade capability.
Leica RUGBY CLH Laser Level
£ 590.00
(679.00 €)
Leica Rugby CLH simplicity allows for effortless use of the capabilities of the laser system. The upgrade options ensure maximised performance in all levelling applications.
Leica RUGBY CLA Laser Level
£ 995.00
(1,145.09 €)
With the unique capability to adapt to any application needs through software upgrades, the Leica RUGBY CLA is the first upgradable laser to maximise productivity and performance on-site.
Leica Combo Laser Receiver & Remote
£ 310.00
(356.76 €)
Save time and work conveniently with offset and adjustable sensor window thanks to the new features in the Combo.
Leica RUGBY Smart Adaptor
£ 185.00
(212.91 €)
One adaptor does it all!