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Geo Fennel Multi-Digit Pro +

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  1. All in one, electronic angle measurer, electronic slope measurer and laser spirit level for measuring angles, inclinations, sloped and plane surfaces.

    Displays angle and inclination simultaneously.

    Angle measurement in degrees.

    Inclination in degrees or percent.

    Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements. thread for camera tripod.

    Supplied with protective bag.

    180 lock to extend the unit to 1m length.

    Arm can be locked in any position.

    Magnetic base.

    Illuminated display.
  2. Measuring range: 0 to 180

    Resolution: 0.1

    Angle precision: 0.1

    Working range inclination: 0 - 90 or 0% - 100%

    Accuracy inclination: 0.2

    Range of laser: 20m

    Accuracy of laser: 0.5mm/m
  3. Angle Measurer and Protective Bag