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FLG 40 Green Laser Cross

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  1. A cross laser with a green laser diode from Geo Fennel.

    The FLG 40 offers improved visibility - a real innovation for indoor use.

    Fully automatic self-levelling.

    Locking device for safe transport.360 horizontal base.

    Self-levelling function can be switched off and laser beam can run on manual setting.

    Detachable multi-functional mount comes with base and side magnets.

    Thread on instrument and mount (5/8 and 1/4).
  2. Self levelling range: 3.5

    Accuracy: 3mm/10m

    Temperature range: 0 to 40C

    Operating time: 8hrs

    Power supply: NiMH rechargeable

    Visible laser diodes: 532nm

    Laser class: 3R

    Weight: 0.90kg
  3. Laser, Multi-functional Mount, Rechargeable Battery, Charger, Target, Laser Enhancement Spectacles and Case