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Flag-Mark - White (pack of 100)

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  • Whenever you see a bright marking flag, chances are that it's a Blackburn flag available from York Survey Supply Centre. 
  • You see them on construction sites and excavation projects. 
  • They're on the job when utility contractors are mapping out the route of underground services. 
  • Contractors use them on the golf course. 
  • Landscape gardeners are planning out their creations by pinpointing the design areas. 
  • Surveyors and engineers are constantly marking out proposed survey areas as they find them an invaluable and inexpensive aid to help them in their everyday tasks. 
  • Manufactured from a weatherproof fade resistant material for long outdoor life and can be used under all types of weather conditions. 
  • The flags consist of a non-toxic lead free grade vinyl which is secured to a 533mm wire stem. 
  • The flag size is 127 x 100mm. 
  • Flag-Marks are available in seven standard colours - Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink and White - allowing colour coded marking systems to be set on site. 
  • Sold in packs of 100. 
  • Thousands of uses: 
  • Construction, Trenching, Cable TV, Irrigation, Horticultural, Landscaping, Oil & Gas, Public Works, Pipe Tracing, Lawn Care, Surveying Utilities, Golf Course Management, Sprinkler Installation, Telephone, Site Marking, Pesticide Application, Forestry, Peg Marking, Field Crop Layouts and many more...