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FL07 Flowatch Flowmeter

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  1. The Flowatch has been designed to offer a cost effective solution to the measurement of flow within most liquids or gasses.

    Typical uses are; measurement of river flow, irrigation canals, sewage flow, ventilation shafts, air conditioning conduits, etc.

    Sealed and weatherproof instrument

    Aluminium bottom plate with 1/4 thread.
  2. Speed resolution: 0.1 for all units (Except in cm/s: 3cm/s)

    Operating Temperature: -20C to 70C

    Max Speed: 150 Km/h (Except in cm/s: 999cm/s)

    Thermometer Precision: 0.2C

    Thermometer Resolution: 0.1C

    Power Supply: 2x AA batteries

    Weight: 210g



    Speed units: km/h, m/s, knots, mph, fps and cm/s

    Accuracy according to Swiss standards.
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